History of Playing Bridge

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Today, you can ask any Bridge player “What is the greatest card game ever played?” Without exception, a Bridge player will shout out for all to hear “Bridge of course!” And why shouldn't they? Bridge is a card game enjoyed by more people around the world than any other. Bridge can be enjoyed by a casual group of friends that get together only occasionally for an evening of cards, or it can be played more seriously at clubs, or in tournaments. Either way, you will find the game of Bridge to be truly fascinating, challenging, and most importantly, always enjoyable.

How did the game of Bridge evolve? Let's look backwards from today and discover the roots of Bridge. When one says they play Bridge today, it is generally assumed they are talking about Contract Bridge. The game of Contract Bridge is the most popular variation of Bridge played today; other versions exist, but Contract Bridge has been the world leader for the past eighty years. We play Bridge today according to the scoring rules which were developed by Harold Vanderbilt in the mid 1920's. For the 20 years or so that preceded Mr. Vanderbilt's revolutionary scoring system, Auction Bridge (also known as Straight Bridge) was all the rage.

If one goes further back in time, you will discover that in the late nineteenth-century Bridge was known as Bridge Whist which evolved from the original version of Whist some 300 years earlier in England. So there you have it in a nutshell: The game which started as Whist eventually became Bridge Whist, then briefly enjoyed popularity as Auction Bridge, then ultimately morphed into Contract Bridge which is the game we know today.

Gem Collection bridge setSome variations of the game exist today:

- Four Deal Bridge ( a.k.a. “Chicago”) as the name suggests last only four deals. Played with 52 Bridge cards.
- “Rubber” Bridge has no predetermined length, and is often played for money. Played with 52 Bridge cards.
- “Duplicate” Bridge is where the same set of hands are dealt and played by different sets of players. A game for at least eight players. Played with 52 Bridge cards.
- “Honeymoon” Bridge is designed for only two players. Played with 52 Bridge cards.

The one thing all of these Bridge versions have in common is that they are enjoyed most when played with any one of the many outstanding decks of Bridge cards you can find right here at Playing Cards and More!

Bridge cards are slightly narrower than traditional poker cards due to the fact that players are typically holding many cards in their hands at once; thus, Bridge cards should be used when playing Bridge.

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