Plastic Playing Cards versus Plastic Coated Paper Cards

This is your most important decision when choosing a deck of cards. Plastic-coated paper cards have one significant advantage, they are inexpensive to purchase. If you use your cards sparingly, and you are gentle with them, you can expect to get many hours of enjoyable use out of them. Paper cards do come with some disadvantages though. They tend to crease, bend, tear, and show signs of wear rather quickly, and cannot be easily cleaned without damaging the cards.

If you play often, 100% Plastic playing cards offer important advantages over plastic coated paper playing cards. You can expect 100% plastic playing cards to last many times longer than paper cards, perhaps as much as 50-100 times longer. Although the initial cost of plastic playing cards is noticeably more than paper cards, $15-23 for a two deck setup of plastic cards versus $5-7 for two decks of paper cards, you will actually save money over time by investing a few more dollars in 100% plastic cards. In addition to saving money over the long haul, 100% plastic playing cards will deliver the following advantages:

plastic playing cards

- Plastic cards are much more durable and resistant to bending, scratching, creasing.

- Plastic cards quickly "snap" back to their original shape.

- Plastic cards are easier to shuffle.

- Plastic cards are a pleasure to deal, they slide across the table felt easily.

- Plastic cards add a professional sense of quality to your game.

- Plastic cards are not easily marked by people who may be tempted to gain an unfair advantage.

If you have never played with 100% plastic playing cards, we suggest you give them a try, you won't be disappointed. All of the plastic cards we sell are top-shelf quality produced by reputable manufacturers. There are no bad choices at Playing Cards and More!

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