Jumbo Score Pad for Bridge & All Card Games
SSP 01
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Detailed Description

You are going to love this score pad! The Stingray Jumbo Size Score Pad is twice the size, and twice as useful as other score pads. Each score pad measures 5" x 8", and includes 50 high-quality score sheets for Bridge, plus a convenient Bridge Scoring Guide on the inside cover.

Simply flip the Stingray Jumbo Size Score Pad over, and you now have the perfect score pad for all other card games, such as Canasta, Pinochle, Hearts, Spades, Gin & Rummy games. The multi-game side of the score pad is designed for 4-player scoring, and We/They partnership scoring.

Double-sided Stingray Jumbo Size Score Pads are ideal for all card games!

- 50 double-sided sheets
- Jumbo Size 5" x 8" scoring sheets