Cartamundi CCP

Cartamundi Playing Cards

Cartamundi CCP 100% Plastic Bridge cards are the very best that money can buy!

Cartamundi is the largest producer of playing cards in the world, and they have used their knowledge and experience to produce the CCP line of casino-quality Bridge-size playing cards. CCP cards are offered in both Standard and Jumbo Index, so they are ideal for any card game.

Cartamundi uses a proprietary plastic to produce CCP cards for maximum durability and unparalleled resistance to damage. CCP inks & coatings are meticulously tested to provide the best feel and optimal slip for ease of shuffling and dealing.

Cartamundi CCP Bridge Cards - Standard Index - Red & Blue
CCP Plastic Bridge Cards - Standard Index - Red/Blue
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Sale: $14.98
CCP  Plastic Bridge Cards - Standard Index - Red/Blue