Bicycle Bridge Cards - Standard Index - 2 Decks
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Detailed Description

If you play Bridge, this is the deck for you. Bicycle brings the same quality to bridge-size (1/4" narrower than standard) cards. Some players with smaller hands prefer to shuffle a "bridge size" card over a wider card. Give them a try!

America's favorite playing card since 1885. Bicycle has an exclusive air-cushion finish that gives the cards their unique slip, snap, and long-lasting wear that more card players demand. Bicycle playing cards are recognized everywhere for their distinctive Riderback card design, Lady Liberty Ace of Spades, and bicycle-riding King on the joker cards.

Bicycle cards are made using patented coating processes to create what players vote as the most playable card in the world.

Product Features:
- Highest Quality Playing Cards
- Durable Air-Cushion Finish
- Easy to Shuffle
- Bridge Size (2.25" x 3.50")
- Standard Index

Made in the USA since 1885!

Bicycle warranties all of their products. If you need to make a claim, please call: 1-800-863-1333

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