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Bridge CardsLooking for Bridge Card gift sets? You'll be surprised at the selection available here at www.PlayingCardsandMore.com. Whether you are using Bicycle Bridge cards or one of our many other brands such as Hoyle Official Bridge or Cartamundi ACE Bridge cards, you'll be able to find a wide selection of paper or plastic Bridge cards. We are your one-stop-shop for Bridge cards, plastic poker cards, or even accessories like shufflers or affordable poker chips. We have a great variety of card styles, manufacturers (including Copag playing cards), indexes for your preferences or needs. We take the quality of the card very seriously and offer more options than any of our competitors. No matter what game you prefer, you will find us to be the best one-stop shopping option for the most important element, the playing cards. For us, quality Bridge cards are the foundation of a quality game.

Bicycle playing cards are legendary

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Looking for something more rugged than paper cards? We have every serious option covered when it comes to quality plastic poker cards. The feel of these cards in your hand will surprise you, but don't forget about their most important advantage: durability and playability. Whether you're looking for KEM poker cards or one of our other brands, you need look nowhere else. We specialize in a complete line of plastic playing cards, all brands, all sizes and indexes. We don't stop at cards though, we also offer select Tables and Tops to satisfy the needs of any game. When it comes to all those important accessories, look here first. We carry everything from Bridge cards to card covers, automatic shufflers, to chip sets, party supplies, and great gifts.

Plastic poker cards really hold up

Other poker supply sites devote a small portion of their space to cards; Playing Cards and More devotes the majority of our site to quality cards. When it comes down to it, perhaps the most important element at the table (besides the human element) lies in the cards. Fortunes are held within these cards. 'Magical possibilities' and a 'prosperous future' are in your hands to play with. Our plastic poker cards bring a quality and life to your table. You'll like the way they feel, look, and hold up.