Copag 1546 Bridge Jumbo Index - Green/Burgundy
COP 07
Sale : $18.98

Detailed Description

COPAG plastic playing cards enjoyed an explosion of popularity after they supplied the cards for the 2005 and 2006 World Series of Poker. COPAG was the official playing card to the WSOP for good reason, they manufacture some of the most durable 100% plastic playing cards on the market today. You will be impressed by how easy it is to shuffle and deal a deck of COPAG playing cards.

Your two-deck set will arrive in a deluxe plastic case for you to store the COPAG cards in after you finish impressing your friends with them!

- 2 Decks of 100% plastic Bridge-size (2.25" x 3.50") playing cards by Copag.
- 52 Jumbo Index cards, plus 2 Jokers, per deck.
- Plastic storage case with Copag logo.