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Custom Playing Cards

Custom Playing Cards are the perfect way to use your artwork or digital photographs to commemorate special events or occasions, here are just a few examples:

- Birthday celebrations, perhaps you have reached a milestone birthday... are you or your spouse turning 40? 50? 60? Or maybe you want to mark your child's first birthday, or their 18th? Custom playing cards are perfect!

- Weddings and Anniversaries are ideal occasions to use custom playing cards. You will have a wonderful keepsake to hold on to for years.

- Businesses often use custom playing cards as an effective tool to help customers remember the company's name, logo, or slogan.

- Casino night for a group of friends.

- Fundraiser events for your favorite club or charity.

These are just a few of the many special occasions that can be made better by the use of custom playing cards.The creation of custom cards may seem like a daunting task at first glance. Don't worry! The Playing Cards and More team of talented designers is here to make the process easy for you. You only have a few decisions to make... then our staff gets to work on producing you a deck of cards you will be proud of for many years to come. Ready? Let's get started! Just read along for now, we will walk you through the ordering steps later on.

As we walk you through the steps, please remember we can print your decks with custom backs and standard fronts (or faces), or we can print your deck with custom backs and custom fronts.

The first decision to make is which size of cards do you prefer?

- “Poker Size” cards are 2.5” wide by 3.5” high (most popular size).
- “Bridge Size” cards are 2.25” wide by 3.5” high.
- Same price for either size.

Your second decision is the index size: Standard or Jumbo. Index size refers to the printed letters and numbers on the cards:

- “Standard Index” is the smaller, more traditional print.
- “Jumbo Index” is enlarged letters and numbers.
- Same price for either index size.

Next, we offer four grades of playing cards:

- Our “Value Grade” is made from quality paper stock, coated with a patented plastic coating, and is designed to perform well under ordinary playing conditions. Decks are sealed and individually packaged in a protective white tuck box. Minimum order: 5 decks

- Our “Premium Grade” steps up to a heavier duty paper playing card stock, it is coated with a patented plastic coating which provides added longevity. Decks are sealed and individually packaged in a hard clear plastic case. Minimum order: 5 decks

- Our “Casino Grade” is made from paper stock imported from France, receives extra coatings, and is the finest quality paper playing cards. Suitable for play at any casino. Decks are sealed and individually packaged in a custom printed tuck box. Minimum order: 500 decks

- Our “Superior Plastic Grade” is comparable to all the famous big name brands. Our plastic cards deliver unmatched performance and durability. They will not fade, crack, tear, or stain, and are completely washable. Decks are sealed and packaged in a custom printed tuck box. Minimum order: 500 decks

Your last decision is the quantity of decks you want to buy. Naturally, the per deck price goes down as the quantity goes up. We have provided you with the following price charts which shows the price per deck. A standard deck consists of 54 cards (includes 2 Jokers).

Price Per Deck for Custom Backs and Standard Faces

Quantity Value Grade Premium Grade Casino Grade 100% Plastic
5-9 $23.95 $25.45 n/a n/a
10-24 $14.95 $16.75 n/a n/a
25-49 $9.95 $10.95 n/a n/a
50-99 $8.25 $8.95 n/a n/a
100-249 $6.95 $7.45 n/a n/a
250-499 $5.95 $6.25 n/a n/a
500-999 $3.95 $4.25 $5.95 $6.95
1,000-1,999 $2.95 $3.25 $4.75 $4.95
2,000-4,999 $2.45 $2.75 $3.45 $3.95
5,000+ $2.35 $2.65 $2.75 $3.35

Price Per Deck for Custom Backs and Custom Faces

Quantity Value Grade Premium Grade Casino Grade 100% Plastic
25-49 $11.95 $12.95 n/a n/a
50-99 $10.45 $11.25 n/a n/a
100-249 $7.95 $8.45 n/a n/a
250-499 $6.75 $7.15 n/a n/a
500-999 $4.95 $5.35 $6.75 $7.75
1,000-1,999 $3.25 $3.75 $4.95 $6.15
2,000-4,999 $2.85 $3.25 $3.85 $4.85
5,000+ $2.55 $2.85 $3.65 $4.55

Domestic ground shipping costs for Value/Premium orders is:
5-9 deck orders, add $15 shipping
10-24 deck orders, add $22 shipping
25-49 deck orders, add $30 shipping
50-99 deck orders, add $45 shipping
100-249 deck orders, add $80 shipping
Orders over 250 decks will be prorated at $75/250 decks

Domestic ground shipping costs for Casino/Plastic orders is:
500-999 deck orders, add $315 shipping
1000-2499 deck orders, add $495 shipping
2500- 5000 deck orders, add $750 shipping


Step #1: When you are ready to proceed with placing an order, we ask that you send us an email with your phone number and a good time for us to call you to discuss the details. All custom card orders will be taken over the phone. We will send you an email with all of the order details, which we ask you to review and confirm is accurate. If all the details are correct, we ask that you pay in full at this time. Since custom decks are made for you, and only you, they must be paid for in advance, no exceptions. We accept Money Order, Bank draft, corporate or personal checks only (no credit cards).

Step#2: You email us the artwork or digital photograph file you wish to use for the custom card backs. Our graphic designers will confirm the file is of satisfactory quality to produce the desired results. We are aiming to produce your cards with the highest quality artwork possible; therefore, the artwork you send us is critical. Our preferred file types are: Corel, Photoshop, Illustrator and PDF files. Digital photos may be JPEG, TIFF files.

Step 3: Our designers will provide you with an electronic proof for you to approve. We ask that you thoroughly review this proof. It is essential that you approve the proof, only you know if all the details you want are properly incorporated into the custom cards. Reviewing the proof is the customer's responsibility. We will gladly make changes as necessary to insure your complete satisfaction, this is a free service to you, there will be no charges for proof development or modifications. The proof development and approval process usually takes 3-5 days to complete.

Step #4: We place your order in our production schedule. Typically, your order will be filled in 12-15 days. We will advise you if we think the order may be delayed beyond this time frame.

Step #5: We box and ship your order to you. Congratulations, you may now begin distributing and playing with your own unique decks of cards! How could it be any easier?