Gemaco bridge cards

GEMACO cards are instantly recognizable by their colorful & intricate back designs. GEMACO  cards are printed on a bright white background, which makes their cards easier to read from a distance. If you have ever played in the Wynn, Venetian, Taj Mahal, Foxwoods, Mohegun Sun, or The Bicycle Club, you were playing with genuine GEMACO playing cards.

Please Note: Sadly, Gemaco has announced they are focusing their efforts on their casino business, and are no longer manufacturing cards for the retail market. Therefore, it is unlikely we will be able to restock inventory of Gemaco cards. This may be a good time to stock up before they are gone forever!

Stingray Jumbo Size Score Pad for Bridge and All Card Games
Jumbo Score Pad for Bridge & All Card Games
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Jumbo Score Pad for Bridge & All Card Games