Jumbo Index Cards versus Standard Index Cards

Playing cards are identified by their ranks & suits which can be printed on playing cards in the small traditional fashion we call “Standard Index”; or, in a larger easier to see “Jumbo Index”. The physical dimensions of the cards themselves are the same, the only difference is the size of the print (illustrated in the pictures below).

Standard Index:
standard index cards

Jumbo Index:
jumbo index cards

Choosing the correct index is important, and depends on a variety of factors regarding the specifics of your game.

For example, if your are playing Bridge, Canasta, Hearts, or other similar game which requires you to hold many playing cards in your hand at once, you are likely to prefer Standard Index. With Standard Index playing cards you can squeeze the cards close together and still see their identifying marks. However, if you are playing the very popular Texas Hold'em which requires you to hold few playing cards in your hand, and relies heavily on community cards for all the players crowded around the table to see, you are going to enjoy the ease of playing with Jumbo Index. Additionally, Jumbo Index can be helpful to players with imperfect eyesight, and is favored by seniors.

Standard Index and Jumbo Index are available in both 100% plastic, and plastic-coated paper cards. You will find most brands offer their products in both Jumbo Index and Standard Index at www.PlayingCardsandMore.com.

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