Stingray Pinochle Large Index - 12 Decks
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Detailed Description

Stingray set out to design and manufacture the perfect deck of cards for playing Pinochle. For too long, Pinochle players have struggled with the decision whether to play with standard index cards (which are difficult to read), or jumbo index cards (which are difficult to hold). Neither choice seemed satisfactory. So Stingray combined the best elements of both, and created their exclusive Pinochle Index.

Stingray's team of designers carefully selected the Pinochle Index font to be taller than the traditional standard index, and narrower than a typical jumbo index, and they placed the card rank symbols closer to the edge of the cards allowing you to squeeze the cards closer together. All of these refinements make the Stingray Pinochle Index cards easier to hold, easier to read, and more enjoyable to play with than any other brand of Pinochle cards!

- 6 Red & 6 Blue decks of 48 Pinochle Index cards.
- Pocket size 'Scoring Values' & 'Instructions for Partnership Auction Pinochle'.