Playing Cards Recognized by The National Toy Hall of Fame

Our loyal customers already recognizes the entire staff of Playing Cards and More has one thing in common: we love playing cards! It is what we do, they make us tick, selling playing cards is what we do at work, and we play cards in our spare time. Playing cards have been good to us, we make our living shipping cards to every corner of the world, so we naturally jump at the opportunity to share and spread our passion for cards.

We are especially pleased the National Toy Hall of Fame has voted to include playing cards alongside 44 other popular toys into the Hall located at The Strong Museum in Salem, Oregon. The National Toy Hall of Fame is an interactive educational-institute whose mission is “the study and exploration of play.”

The museum’s curator recently explained the induction of playing cards by noting he “could hardly imagine a game tool which matches playing cards in terms of popularity across the ages, as well as variations of form, and degrees of difficulty.”

It was the universal appeal of playing cards , along with a rich history dating back as far as the ninth century that led to playing cards being selected by the judges. A few judges were hesitant to vote for playing cards due to their association with gambling addiction. Thankfully, the judges recognized the majority of players simply use playing cards for personal enjoyment and satisfaction.

Playing Cards now share their place of honor in the Hall of Fame with 45 other worthy and diverse toys. here is a partial list (followed by their year of induction):

bicycle playing cards - Yo-Yo (1999)
- Bicycle (2000)
- Jigsaw Puzzles (2002)
- Scrabble (2004)
- Candyland (2005)
- Kite (2007)

The Strong Museum ( maintains and displays many toy collections in their 150,000 square foot facility which is open to the public. The collections range from popular outdoor items such as the skateboard, to board games like Checkers. All of the toy collections share some common and important traits:

- they encourage critical thought and problem solving
- they have rules which must be negotiated
- they require resolution of conflicts
- they challenge the players to develop creativity and leadership
- they tend to reduce stress
- they foster questioning and analyzation

Based on this criteria, we believe playing cards deserves a special place of honor in The Toy Hall of Fame!, along with our sister site,, will continue to do our part to spread the joy and pleasure of playing cards throughout the world. We appreciate your continued patronage.

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