Card Shuffling Techniques

Once you're armed with a nice deck of Copag or KEM cards, the next step is to explore some of the different card shuffling techniques. There's no better way to impress your buddies at your next poker home game than with a nice deck of cards and some expert shuffling.

The riffle (also called the dovetail shuffle) is the easiest to master, and the technique most people learn when learning to shuffle. Other techniques include stripping or slide shuffle, where small groups of cards are removed from the top of a deck and placed in the opposite hand. Another simple shuffle is the pile shuffle, where cards are set out in piles of various sizes and then reassembled in random order. As far as more exotic shuffles, there's the Hindu shuffle, the Corgi, the Mongean, and the Faro shuffle.

Of course, you can also make life much easier on yourself and simply buy an automated shuffling machine like you see in many casinos, simply inserting a deck when you need to shuffle and letting the machine do all the rest.

This article was provided by Oliver MacLennan