Star Wars Vehicles Cards - 2 Decks
WAR 02
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Detailed Description

The Star Wars battles required many, many different fighting vehicles. This double deck of themed cards features over 100 different vehicles employed by the heroes and villains in this epic multi-movie series. No Star Wars fans will want to be without these very collectible and informative playing cards. Two decks of standard size playing cards in one colorful package. Cards can be used to play most popular card games.

DECK ONE features: AT-TE Carrier, Blockade Runner, Swoop Bike, Attack Cruiser, Bongo, Spha-T, Air Speeder, Royal Cruiser, Jedi Star Fighter, PodRacer, X_Wing and many more.

DECK TWO features: Wheel Bike, Invisible Hand, Death Star, Star Destroyer, Koro-2 Air Speeder, TIE Bomber, Podrace, Droid Control Ship, Core Ship and many others.

Includes two decks of Star Wars themed playing cards.