US Coast Guard Playing cards
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"Semper Paratus" - US Coast Guard

United States Coast Guard Bear: The copyright registration for the US Coast Guard Bear is being processed. The application for the copyright was approved in July, 2004. The Library of Congress is behind on issuing copyright registrations by at least 72 months.

The bear was adopted as a mascot by the United States Coast Guard sometime after the turn of the century (note: as originally conceived, the bear was a loving tribute to one of the CG's own who had commanded the USS Bear). By 1926, the bear had begun to fade in importance when a young Cadet by the name of Steven Evans returned from leave with a live bear cub. Somehow he managed to convince the then Superintendent, Captain Robert Hinckley, that the hirsute visitor should be allowed to stay.

The bear was affectionately named "objee," which was for "objectionable presence." While Objee the bear has had many homes over the years, he has spent most of his time shambling about the observatory adjacent to the Academy's famed Billard Hall. A favorite with cadets, he as been allowed to shower with them, and even, on occasion, to join them in the wardroom. Cadet Objee was particularly fond of visiting cadets during study hour. Ultimately, Objee lived up to his name and, after more than six decades, was sent down to a farm in New York state...where the amiable bruin can be found to this day.

- One deck of 54 plastic coated playing cards.